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The Raw Love Awakening Journey will be one of the most important journeys you may have taken in your life so far. Raw vegan food on its own is already incredibly powerful and life-changing. When you add to that personal and spiritual growth and the tools for a sustainable healthy lifestyle, you have a recipe for miracles to happen.

Do you:

  • often lack energy and zest for life?
  • feel there must be more to life, but you’re not sure how to get there?
  • have health niggles that you don’t want to turn into anything more serious?
  • want to eat and live ethically, vegan and healthily but you find it hard to make the consistent changes?
  • worry about getting older and the impact that may have on your wellbeing?
  • often feel upset or distressed by things that happen in your life or in the world and you want to experience more peace within you?
  • wish life was more healthy, more fun and would flow with more ease?


Imagine you could be supported and guided to implement the steps needed to create sustainable health and connect with the greater intelligence that is in us and around us.

Raw Food

Imagine fuelling your body and brain with the nutrition it requires to be full of energy and resilient to life's challenges without harmful and cruel animal products.


Imagine being able to make consistent and conscious choices for how you want to live your life. Learn how to decide how you want to show up in your life.

Joy and Love

Imagine yourself engaging with your surroundings from a place of love and waking up every morning with a joy and excitement about the new day.

Find your True Self

I have made this journey. I had to discover for myself how to shift from a place of pain, frustration and anguish to one of love, joy and deep involvement with life. It is an ongoing journey, but if you consistently apply all that I have to teach in this programme, you can make all the changes necessary to get yourself well on the way. –––– 
 Based of my own experience and spiritual awakening I have create the 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening for you. These are not prayers in the religious meaning, but rather a prayer that is offered as a sensed feeling of something you desire, as if it was already true – More centred than a petitionary prayer and more powerful than an affirmation. 

As your coach throughout the course I will be there for you, to support you, guide you, inspire you, hold you accountable and cheer you on.

"It has truly been a life changing experience. Gabriela has helped me come to terms with and take responsibility for my health, I have been able to safely explore my blocks and limiting beliefs and release them, as well as changing my diet to promote health rather than disease. The journey continues but I would not have made such big changes without Gabriela's help, knowledge, support and love."


"Gabriela is a clear and easy-to-understand coach with a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area. She speaks and teaches from a point of knowing and having been there herself and having benefitted from a committed journey over a period of years."

Elspeth Duncan

"Sometimes in life you need to take stock of things - and that also includes your health. Gabriela guided me through her mentoring program that covered not just food but everything else besides. If you are thinking about giving yourself a gift – some time to explore how to really improve your health – then Gabriela's programme will help you to the better health and better lifestyle that you deserve."

Tessa Harris

Is this for you?

Are you ready to commit to a programme that will help you shape your life the way you want to and show up asyour true self in this world? Do you want someone to give you guidance and hold you accountable? This powerful online program a live Q&A session every month is for you if:

  • You are ready to upgrade your lifestyle in every area of your life.
  • You are excited to discover the high energy and clarity that starts with raw, vegan foods and spills over into your emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing.
  • You know that you want to eat more raw food and live a healthier, happier and heart-centred life, but you find it hard to do it on your own.
  • You are vegan or are aspiring to eat more raw food, but you don't feel that your lifestyle is healthy and you want to honour your physical and spiritual wellbeing, as well as that of animals and your environment.
  • You already eat quite a bit of raw food but now you're ready to take this to a completely new level, not a diet but a doable, enjoyable lifestyle that is not just about food, but a complete life experience. 
  • You've tried diets and personal development courses, but you're now ready to move forward in a wholistic way that includes food, movement, spirituality and love.


Based on The 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening, this programme will guide you through The 6 Prayers and will contain the following modules:

What is a wholistic vegan lifestyle. How can we shift our mindset to support us in making daily conscious choices that support our health, that of other beings as well as the planet? How can we ensure health encompasses not just our physical body, but also our mind and spirit?

Module 1 – The Prayer of Health

You will be introduced to the Prayer of Health and the concept of Health as a Choice as opposed to avoiding or getting rid of illness. This module will include exercises for you to explore your relationship with health, what may have held you back in the past and how to move forward to create sustainable wellbeing and take consistent action from a place of choice rather than 'musts'. 

This module includes:

  • online webinars you can watch in your own time,
  • downloadable meditation,
  • actions steps you can implement straight away

Module 2 – The Prayer of Food

In this module the focus will be on the food you consume and how the Prayer of Food can support you in this. This is not about dieting, but about being able to choose that which makes you feel great. You will learn which foods give you the highest level of energy and connects you the most with the intuitive language of your body. You will discover the blocks that stop you from eating for health and longevity. This module will also look at practical issues such as setting up your kitchen to support healthy eating, dining out and traveling in the raw.

This module includes:

  • online webinars you can watch in your own time,
  • a downloadable 3-day cleanse meal plan with recipes,
  • Food Heroes e-book with 77 raw food recipes,
  • shopping list to help you build your healthy kitchen,
  • actions steps you can implement straight away

Module 3 – The Prayer of Movement

In module 3 our focus will be on movement and exercise and you will learn the Prayer of Movement. Why is exercise important and how much exercise is actually useful. How can we fit movement into our busy lives? We will also explore how movement can become somethings as natural to us as breathing and eating. You will learn simple movement routines you can implement daily with ease.

This module includes:

  • online webinars you can watch in your own time,
  • a 20mins movement routine video you can follow along at home
  • movements you can build into your busy lifestyle
  • actions steps you can implement straight away.

Month 4 – The Prayer of Presence

During this module you will learn the Prayer of Presence, as well as techniques for stilling the mind and how to be present. You will discover the beauty of simple meditation techniques that you can draw on daily and any time your mind needs stilling and calming. You will learn powerful techniques to reduce stress quickly and find ways to deal with emotionally challenging situations.

This module includes:

  • online webinars you can watch in your own time,
  • downloadable 5 mins and 10 mins Awareness of Breath guided meditation
  • the 'one breath' technique you can apply straight away,
  • powerful techniques to help you connect with your True Self
  • actions steps you can implement straight away.

Month 5 – The Prayer of Freedom

Freedom is a concept that many value but few understand or live. In this module and through the help of the Prayer of Freedom, you will have the opportunity to explore your personal thinking around freedom. You will have the opportunity to discover your own sense of freedom, as well as how to respect and appreciate the freedom of others. This is an extremely powerful module, which may well make all the difference to how you approach your life and move forward in your journey of wellness and joy of life.

This module includes:

  • online webinars you can watch in your own time,
  • a downloadable meditation to help you fully assimilate the knowledge of your personal freedom,
  • workbook to explore your relationship with yourself and others,
  • actions steps you can implement straight away.

Month 6 – The Prayer of Love

We usually think of love as a feeling we bring to something or receive from someone. In this module the focus will be on discovering love as an entity that is always present and always surrounds us. You will learn the power of the Prayer of Love and how to feel love without the need for external stimulation and how you can approach every aspect of your life with and from a place of love. This Prayer brings together all the other Prayers and it's powerful teachings will help you return to love whenever life challenges you. When we connect consciously with love, fear has no place and we are able to connect with our True Self. 

This module includes:

  • online webinars you can watch in your own time,
  • a downloadable meditation to connect you with Universal Love,
  • Inspirational messages to download,
  • actions steps you can implement straight away.

Live Q&A every month

Live Q&A calls will take place on every 2nd Wednesday of the months. These calls are invaluable to help you deepen your understanding and learning. They are your opportunity to share your experience, get help to move you forward and be personally coached by Gabriela. All calls are recorded and made available so you can listen to them at a later date.

Joining today

When you join today you will get instant access to all programme materials and one live Q&A call for one months. Thereafter the monthly fee is £12.50. This allows you to continue to study the materials and join the monthly calls. You can cancel your membership at any time after the first month. 

What's included

  • 6 modules – instant access
  • Food Heroes e-book with 77 raw food recipes
  • PDF slide shows to accompany the 6 prayer webinars
  • PDF workbook downloads
  • 3-day cleanse meal plan PDF
  • Exclusive 5 and 10-minute guided Awareness of Breath Meditation mp3s
  • Exclusive Dru Yoga practice video to get you started on implementing exercise daily 
  • 1 live Q&A call every month
  • Powerful action steps to keep you on track
  • Access to all call recordings and presentations
  • Inspirational video messages
  • The 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening cards sent to you by post. 

Is this only for vegans?

This programme does not require you to be vegan or in fact follow any dietary plans. The programme is entirely designed to help you find your ideal lifestyle that supports your personal wellbeing needs. However, it will require you to be open to the idea of increasing your intake of raw plant-based foods, and exploring the idea of cruelty free, vegan living.

What you will gain

​Full participation in this program and application of the strategies and techniques taught will give you:

  • The ability to make self-care a priority in your life
  • An understanding of how your health is directly related to the health of others and the planet
  • A way of living and eating that feels natural and normal (no more yoyo dieting!)
  • More energy
  • Improved mood – Joyful life experience
  • Improved relationships
  • Clarity of mind
  • The ability to listen to your body
  • A deeper connection with who you really are
  • The ability to go within and access the messages your Higher Self is sending you all the time, but which you have forgotten how to hear.

Are you always waiting for the right time? 

The right time for starting a life that is filled with health, vibrancy, joy and love is right now in this moment. There is no better time. If money is holding you back I've created an easy payment plan for you. Click below to pay in 5 instalments.

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