A short lesson in accepting what is

freedom love presence Aug 28, 2016

Where we live our internet connection is dodgy. Often slow and frequently not working at all. I usually say that this is the price we pay for living on the edge of ancient woodland. 


But it does get frustrating when there are things I want to communicate with you, blog posts and videos to upload and websites and course info to update. 

There is always blue behind the clouds


However I always try to ask myself why certain things happen in my life. Some people have the philosophy that issues, problems and stumbling blocks are put in front of us to help us learn something specific. I'm not entirely sure whether I believe it's so clear cut, but I certainly think that it is worth looking at the situation, accepting it as reality and then moving forward from there instead of complaining and continuing to be frustrated. 


And yes, there may be something to learn. For me it may be that being online 24/7 isn't the most important thing in my life. Perhaps getting pen and paper out and drafting my new ideas is a better way to spend my time. Or perhaps I need some decent time off? Off everything. 


So next time you find yourself frustrated by a particular situation or incidence in your life, ask yourself if you can change it. If you can, then by all means, go and do it! If you can't, try to accept it as so and then move forward from that place of acceptance. Look for other offerings that situation may bring. You know, like the pleasure of lighting a candle when the electricity fails. 


For me, living a raw food lifestyle encompasses these mind explorations as much as eating a nutrient dense, clean diet. How we feel and think can be hugely influenced by what we eat and visa versa. You will see that my courses and retreats will focus on this type of holistic, consciousness expanding way of living more and more in the future. I believe that how we feed ourselves, think about things, relate to others and move through our lives has an impact on the world and ultimately whether we can continue gracefully as a species. So you can see that this is a deeply important topic I want to share with you. 

The retreats I offer are probably one of the most powerful ways to experience what I'm talking about here, but even in my classes and talks you will get a glimpse of what I am about: life energy, harmonious connection with nature and all life forms, love. 


Check out my recommendations for books on raw food living as well as spiritual development. I like buying my books from hive.co.uk, an ethical online book shop that supports independent high street bookshops with every purchase you make with them. But if you're not in the UK, then have a look at the titles I recommend and then find them in your country. 


Browse around my website to find out more about classes and retreats and try out some of the lovely recipes I share with you here. All designed to give you optimum nutrition and a sense of connectedness through the experience of taste and nourishment. 


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