Creating Health - a fundamental shift in consciousness

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Creating Health

Most people consider their health only when they do not have it. Often, as in my own case, we don’t think that much about it until a crisis hits or we feel so unwell that we know something has to be done. There is one other ‘unhealthy’ trigger for starting to think about our health, and that is our fear of losing it. We are daily bombarded with scary facts about the toxicity of our environment, our oceans, air, and food. Toxins are everywhere and many of them are said to cause us cancer. Members of our circle of friends or family may get sick with cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. and evidence suggests that many babies are now born with over 200 different chemical compounds in their umbilical blood. It is scary, and the fear often drives people to extreme measures.

When our awareness of ‘health’ is motivated by our fear, however, the coping strategy is to avoid or try to get rid of whatever is frightening us. We also start to fight back; whether through medical intervention, the use of alternative therapies, meditation and affirmations, avoidance of all things potentially toxic, or a combination of all of those strategies, the motivation stays the same. We are trying to get rid of a problem. We want to remove that which pains or frightens us. We take action from a place of lack… a lack of health.

Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. It is exactly what I was doing for over 18 years. I fell ill with Fibromyalgia in 1995 following a routine medical procedure. Looking back I understand that I had been unwell for a long time before, even though I did not feel ‘that unwell’. Just the usual lack of energy, some pains and various niggles. But as I said, we usually don’t pay attention to our wellbeing until our life becomes intolerable. Eventually, the Fibromyalgia rendered me unable to work, and often unable to move or speak.

I was afraid, very afraid. In fact, initially I thought I may not ever recover from this. I was prescribed medication, took painkillers, and tried every alternative treatment I could lay my hands on. And while I was getting some relief and after 18 months of being very ill gradually got back to a place where I could start working again, my quality of life was significantly reduced.

The reason I was able to get some results, but not heal completely, lay in the fact that I was I was acting from lack and fear. I was trying to ‘fight’ the condition. You may have heard of The Law Of Attraction, which tells us that what we focus on expands. That what we resist persists. The Universe responds to all of our thoughts and if those thoughts are overpopulated by thoughts of fear and avoidance of something, it will give us more of that something. Because ultimately our thoughts are focused on the very thing we fear.

The more I tried to fight my condition, the more I became entangled in thoughts of limitations. Anything and everything was filtered through a thought process of: 'If I do this… will it cause me to suffer?’ Needless to say, I was on a downward spiral of limiting thoughts, that made me depressed and anxious. It also made me less and less confident that I could do anything that would lead to success. I did not love life and certainly didn’t feel life loved me. I functioned well enough, but I mostly missed the splendour and magnificence of life on this planet.

The feeling of lack quickly seeped into every part of my existence:

  • Not enough money
  • Not smart enough
  • Not good enough a mother
  • Not good enough a friend
  • Not enough fun
  • Not enough joy
  • Not enough love
  • Not enough
  • Not enough

My life was one of limitations, fear, anger, depression and resentment. I was not happy, and I tried to counteract it all by pushing harder. I created more resistance to the flow of life, believing that if I worked hard enough, the ‘not enough’ would go away. But it only led to burnout.

In 2011 I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I new something had to change and I realised that nothing would change, until I changed the way I thought.

Nothing changed until I changed the way I thought.

“The dichotomy is that for true healing to occur, I must let go of the need to be healed and just enjoy and trust in the ride that is life.” 

― Anita Moorjani, Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing

When our choice to be healthy is no longer tied to a fixed outcome that we feel we have to achieve, it becomes instead a desire and a wish, for its own sake, that offers us opportunities to live life fully. When you have a true desire that you commit to, your motivation will not fail you, you will make decisions for your wellbeing with clarity and enthusiasm.

So how do we achieve this? How can we stop being afraid? How can we stop fighting? 

Awareness and practice!

Be aware and practice. The first step is always to become aware. Aware of your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs, your reactions, your feelings. Notice when you find yourself filled with fear and anxiety and see if you can shift that thought or feeling by focusing on something that lifts your heart. This is not to say that we should ignore or suppress our pain and upset. Nor does it mean to follow the often quoted ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. More to the point we should pay attention to how we feel and acknowledge it. Then move on from there. I have created the Six Prayers of Raw Love Awakening to create a framework within which my clients and retreat guests can practice awareness. Below I share with you the first prayer, the Prayer of Health.

The three stages of the Prayer of Health

I appreciate and give thanks to health.

The first part of The Prayer of Health says: ‘I appreciate and give thanks to health’.
This is where we notice the health that is in our body. And there is always something somewhere that is healthy in our body. If not, we would not be alive. Something is functioning. By appreciating that which is healthy, that part of ourselves where we feel good and whole, by being grateful for being alive and having health in whatever form, we can start to expand on this health with our thoughts. In his book, The Biology of Belief, the cell biologist, Bruce Lipton gives us evidence of how our thoughts can influence the behaviour of our genes and DNA. His work demonstrates that not only can we communicate with our cells through our thoughts, but our cells also communicate with each other, and furthermore, they communicate with other cells outside of our body. This means, in theory, that through our thoughts we can heal ourselves, and by doing so help others heal as well.

I choose to take action every day to love and nurture my body, mind and spirit.

With the second part of the prayer, we make a commitment to nurture and love our body, mind and spirit. This is the moment of saying ‘Yes!’ I will do what it takes to be well and I will do it every day, to the best of my abilities. By including not just the body but also the mind and the spirit, we take care of communicating this commitment to all the cells in our body. In this moment we take responsibility for our own wellbeing and we choose to do things that keep us healthy, make us healthier, strengthen our body, make us happy, and lift our spirits.

This part of the prayer should never feel like an obligation, but a joyful choice, an exciting choice. It also allows for the correction of previous mistakes on a daily basis. Anybody who has been on a diet for weight loss, knows the terrible feeling of guilt when we fall off the wagon. It is hard to stay on a diet, even for those with strong willpower. This is the case because in contemplating a strict and often boring diet, we consider it an inevitable evil in our attempt to rid ourselves of unwanted fat. Once the diet gets too boring or we’ve lost a few pounds, the motivation for the diet quickly wanes. But when we make a choice for health, the motivation never leaves. This doesn’t mean that we will always make the right choice, but it does mean that we’re always only a moment away from our next choice.

My recommendation is that you do not fret, if you have just done something that does not support your health.  Do not feel bad or guilty. We are so easily caught up in our own feelings of guilt and self-blame. The purpose of this guilt is twofold. Guilt is initially designed to manipulate us, through feeling bad, back into action. But it also is a direct path to victimhood, because in order to ease the guilt, we have to find reasons for our failure outside of ourselves. The underlying belief is that if we are victims we cannot be blamed by others. Unfortunately being a victim rarely ever eases our own guilt, it rather reinforces it.

So next time you feel bad about a decision you have made, let it go. It is already in the past and can no longer be changed. We will talk more about the past, the present and the future in the chapter on The Prayer of Presence. For now, know that your next healthy choice is just around the corner. Every moment you can choose anew. Like learning a new language… you’ll get better at it the more you practice it. Eventually, choosing what serves your health best will become your natural state of being.

I am healthy. I live health.

The last part of the prayer expresses our trust in the wish fulfilled. Through the statement ‘I am healthy’ we fully imagine all facets of what that means to us individually. This will look different for everybody. Don’t feel tempted to create a vision of health for yourself that’s being promoted by the media, in advertising, in the movies, or that for whatever other reason you feel you should aspire to. Instead really go inside yourself and look for what feels right to you. What would it feel like, to be healthy on all levels, body, mind and spirit? What would your life look like and how would you express yourself? What would you do with your life and what would be your priorities?.

When we really enter into this with deep feeling, when we feel the magnificence of complete health, when we love that state of being whether we have it right now or not, we create a powerful alignment between our spirit, mind and body. We start to connect with our Divine soul and learn to experience how that soul is connected with everything else around us. Starting with this feeling-based prayer, we inform our intentions, thoughts and actions, and begin to live health.

But what about people who have severe disabilities or chronic and life-inhibiting illnesses, you may ask. This has been in my thoughts a lot. We have all met people who live their lives as victims and others who are in charge of their life experience. We have all met people whose mode of operation is one of complaint, mostly about other people or the system or state, and we have all met people who live life to the fullest, independent of whatever holds them back physically. We feel inspired by the latter and we have compassion for the former. Those who can live life to the fullest have surrendered to their health challenge. It is not that they have given up. Surrender and giving up are two completely different states of mind. Surrender is about accepting what is, whilst holding a vision for change without attachment. When we surrender, we are putting the focus on what we can do as well as looking beyond the limitations of what we have been taught to believe. Surrender is about not resenting what we cannot do and expanding on what we can do. We only need to look at the many Paralympic athletes to see that we can thrive and have fulfilling lives even with disability.

‘I have had a full and satisfying life. I believe disabled people should concentrate on things that their handicap doesn’t prevent them from doing and not regret those they can’t do. In my case, I have managed to do most things I wanted… It’s been a glorious time to be alive and doing research in theoretical physics.’
Stephen Hawking, My Brief History – A Memoir

Everybody can choose this state of being. It takes a shift in thinking.

A foundation for a conscious lifestyle

Making the choice to be healthy is fundamental to living a conscious lifestyle with respect for the wellbeing of all. The Prayer of Health will help you anchor this choice deep inside. With practice you will find that within moments of reading or reciting the prayer, you will feel inspired to take charge of your life, live it with intent and make decisions that are of benefit to your health.


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