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Uncategorized Dec 18, 2017

The Holiday Season has started and I’m aware that my last newsletter was over a month ago. ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’ goes the saying. Actually, the more accurate statement is: ‘Time doesn’t matter when you’re having fun’.


I’ve had a lot of fun in 2017. That is not to say it was not a bumpy ride. Developing new work is never easy, as I find myself between the comfort of the old and the uncertainty of the new. But it was all worth it and I’m happy to say I have some wonderful experiences in store for you.


But let’s get back to the holiday season and the end of the year for a moment. I’ve heard several people say to me that they will be ‘glad to the see the back of 2017. There may be good reasons – perhaps challenges around health, finances or relationships – reasons that want us to put the past behind us and look hopingly towards the future. But I would like you to examine what’s going on here. Don’t we miss the moment when me make that kind of statement.


To want to see the back of the year means we want to put what’s already behind us, behind us. That’s a paradox. The past is already over and by making this statement, we only confirm to ourselves that we’re still holding on to it. That we’re still harbouring distress, resentment or upset. Then we add a wish: ‘Hopefully 2018 will bring better things.’

We look to the future as if it was somewhat outside of ourselves, something that happens to us, that we have no control over.


So, I want to challenge you to put yourself squarely in the present moment. And in this moment – if you pay attention – you will notice that everything is okay. You can then actually look back at the year and appreciate that it was a good year. If there were challenges, you can congratulate yourself on how well you managed them and what you learned in the process. Notice that the way you experienced the challenges and the successes were YOUR experiences, experiences YOU created through the feelings and thoughts you attached to what happened. Then let it go. It’s the past, it’s over. And you are still here right now, reading these words. Is there a problem right now? Or do you perceive there to be a problem because you are dwelling on something that’s in the past or worrying about something that may or may not happen in the future?


Now turn your attention to 2018 and consider your dreams, wishes and worries. Notice how once again all of it is based on your imagination. By saying: ‘I hope 2018 will bring better things’, your pretending to yourself, that that, which has not yet happened is going to happen to you without your say. But we have already established that right now, it only exists in your imagination. It is you who is doing the imagining. You may as well imagine that which you do want to happen and take control of your thoughts and intentions. Make a decision to make 2018 the best year ever. Fill in some details but don’t attach yourself to the outcomes. You want to leave room for the universe to join your game and for miracles to happen.


See yourself healthy, fit, happy, enjoying life, doing what you love, spending time laughing with people you want to spend time with, meeting new people, and exploring new avenues. And be sure that while you may not be able to control the details – why would you want to, surprises are half the fun of life – you have a choice, you create your own thoughts and through these thoughts create your experiences.


While you’re doing this little exercise, be fully aware of the present moment. You’re having these thoughts, imaginations, dreams right now, in this very moment. Not before or after. Take comfort from the fact that that is all there is, that fleeting moment of consciousness. Because everything else is not real. It’s either a memory or a future speculation.


So, it’s been a good year. We had fun, we cried, we were in pain and overcame it, we lost and we gained, we were angry and we loved. Right now, we are here, me writing these words and you reading them, and all is well.


As far as I’m concerned I certainly have some plans, and like I mentioned at the beginning, it includes some wonderful experiences and events that you can join to  enjoy raw food, raise your vibration, sharpen your consciousness, and find what makes your soul soar.


I’m starting a new 6-week Raw Love Awakening online program in the second half of January which you can participate in from anywhere in the world and in your own time.


Three 1-day Raw Food Spa Days are already in the diary and will be held at our home in North Dorset and the venue is booked for another Raw Love Awakening week, this time in a beautiful organic venue in the West Algarve in Portugal.


Furthermore, both my husband Neil and I are hugely excited to bring our friend and Kundalini Teacher extraordinaire, Elspeth Duncan, to the UK to run a 3-day Kundalini and Raw Food Retreat at our house in May.


You may already be a member of my FB group Conscious Raw Vegans, but if not I invite you to join a group of like-minded people who care about their health, that of other beings and that of the planet. (link)


Blessing and joy




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