A week in the Algarve can change your life

freedom health love presence Dec 06, 2018

In October 2018 eleven women met in a beautiful little retreat centre in the Western Algarve for seven days of….

… well, as much as I try, I cannot put it in a nut shell. The week was unique , very special and truly transformational. Each woman left with a sense of having uncovered something deep inside her, something that will never be pushed down again.

There was such wonderful synergy created through the raw food, Kundalini Yoga and the Six Prayers of Raw Love Awakening, which we worked with every day. Friendships for life were created, commitments made and lives changed.

The Natural Retreat where we so comfortably stayed for the 7 nights greeted us with love on our arrival and then continued to resonate the love we brought to it daily. The surrounding, gentle countryside of the Wester Algarve, despite the mixed weather, further added to the deep and transformational experience every single woman experienced at this retreat.

For me it was all I ever wanted to bring together in a retreat. Over the years I have fine-tuned my work and teachings and I was extremely blessed to have Rose Long, our Kundalini Yoga teacher, add her magic. Together with the beautifully and lovingly made raw food by Olivia Kirschner and Natalia Bragge, we created real synergy. 

It is when, as the host and leader of a retreat, I walk away and feel that I have opened yet another door to my own as well as that of the other’s inner true being, that I know it was a truly successful week.

The topic of the retreat was Return To Love. I wanted the create a safe space for women to delve deep into their inner world, to discover the love that resides there and to learn how to bring this into the outer world – their own and that of others.

What was so amazing to watch was how the group so quickly knitted together. Friendships were created that will last a life-time. A beautiful dance of giving and receiving was started, and continues to this day through a private WhatsApp group, the first re-union will happen in January 2019.

So there is no question that we will run this retreat again. In this day and age of uncertainty, fear and anger, it is essential that we return to our roots, that we connect with love and bring forth that which will eventually bring peace to all.

So please join me in 2019 for Return to Love - a spiritual raw food retreat for women, with Kundalini Yoga.

What participants of the Return To Love 2018 retreat said:

“I’ve been to many retreats, have done personal development and spiritual programmes, as well therapy, but I’ve never been to anything as wholistic as Return To Love” Saoirse O'Neill

“When I told people I was going on a retreat, the response was mostly: ‘oh, how lovely, have a good rest…’. If only they knew?! What a full-on week it was – in the best possible way! The ‘raw food and kundalini’ aspect turned out to be a sort of framework within which there was a lot of deep-diving and soul-work. It was intense at times, but what feelings of energy, power and positivity by the end. An extraordinary week.” Shirley Smith

“Difficult for me to sum up the experience of this week into a few sentences. It’s been a journey into flavours and textures of the raw food we’ve eaten. For me the retreat was a week of discovery that is leading me on a very interesting journey! One of the most important lessons has been about living in the present and not worrying about the past or the future. I'm not that great at applying it but am trying!’ Janine Nelson

“This week has exceeded any expectations I may have had. I learnt so much about myself, experienced so many new things and made incredibly special friendships. It has changed how I approach my life – I am clearer, more positive and confident. I cannot thank you enough for such a life-affirming experience.” Debbie Rolmanis

“This seven day retreat was an awakening process for me on many levels. The healing energy of accompanying women was a very important aspect on this journey. Kundalini Yoga with Rose brought so much light to this whole experience and beautifully stimulated all processes. Gabriela’s knowledge, experience and ability to work with the whole group was the highlight at this stay. Surrounded by the breath-taking Portuguese landscape and being fed with the food full of LOVE, by Gabriela, Olivia and Natalia, you wouldn’t really ask for more. Overall it was one of the most beautiful and important experiences of my life. Thank you! All my love!” Kasia Suder


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