To be or not to be ill

love presence Feb 28, 2017

I caught a cold. Since going raw, I don’t get colds often, though having to stay in bed because I’m unwell is no stranger to me. During my years of limitations due to fibromyalgia, I often was bed-bound. I was terrified of catching a cold or virus because it would always take me weeks to recover from it. Friends weren't even allowed to come and visit if they had a cold.


Just shows how far I have come, because two weeks ago we had a friend staying with us and she was quite unwell with a cold and an extremely runny nose. I'm glad we could provide her with a little sanctuary to recover. I was pretty convinced I would not get it, and definitely wasn't concerned about getting ill.


Why do some people get ill and others don't?


It is about resilience. How strong is the immune system at the time, and how vulnerable is the person or the body? Illness has a place in our lives. It often forces us to change what we are doing – it forces us to battle with our ego. The ego that tells us that we don’t have time for illness, the one that can't bear the pain or discomfort, the one that feels it is unfair to be ill, the one that has things to do – very important things.


But what if we were to embrace our illness and lose our fear of it. What if we let go of the ego and just surrender to what the body asks of us? What if we get out of the way? Then we can provide the body with what it needs to do the thing it can do so well – attack the virus, heal and get stronger.


This is exactly what I did the last four days. I got myself out of the way. I made myself light, nutrition rich food (juices, smoothies, soups), I went to bed, I rested and I stayed present.


Rather than being annoyed at the cold, or blaming my friend for having brought the virus to the house, or getting impatient and upset about being stopped at what I wanted to do; I accepted it.


When you can't enjoy something and you can't change it you can at least accept it. Once you accept it and stop resisting it, your body and mind are aligned and you may even start to enjoy it.


I accepted I was ill. I did what needed to be done, I got my ego out of the way and surrendered. The peace that came with the surrendered action make me feel alive. The freedom to stay in bed, to eat when and what I wanted, to take time out; became a kind of bliss and in its light the physical discomfort faded. I was no longer suffering. I learned things about myself and I started to get glimpses of enthusiasm about a vision I have of what I want to bring into being.


Sometimes the body knows best. I had been pushing myself hard in the last few months. Working a lot, creating, planning. I got to a point where the flow of energy no longer came from enthusiasm for a goal but from a sense of being driven, which was disconnected from my values. Being ill and allowing myself to be ill gave me the opportunity to reconnect.


So, I highly recommend it. When ill, get yourself out the way!


What to eat when you're ill

I always start my day with a green juice, whether ill or not, so that's what I continued doing. 600ml of juice from leafy greens, cucumber, celery, turmeric, ginger, apple, orange, lemon with a few spoons of super greens added. If you struggle to make a daily juice or smoothie, my favourite short-cut is the Ringana Antiox and Balance Packs. The Antiox or Pack A is basically your berry boost, and the Balance or Pack B is your green boost. Made from wholefoods and delivered fresh to your doorstep, these powders pack a potent punch and are ideal when time is short, or you're not well enough to make food. 


My brunch was altered a little from my usual protein and healthy fats rich pudding bowl to a fruit smoothie: 1 banana, 1 pear, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 tablespoon of hemp powder, 1 tablespoon of maca powder, 1 cup of warm water. Blend until smooth, then add 1-2 tablespoons of freshly ground linseed and sesame seed. Once the runny nose has stopped, you can add a bit of cashew nut yoghurt for luxury.

I also keep myself topped up with Beta-Glucans 1,3 1,6 from mushrooms. The easiest and freshest from is the Ringana CAPS immu which I take all the way through the cold and wet season and as needed during spring and summer as well. Beta-glucans from mushrooms have been shown to activate and balance the immune system and increase antibody production. I highly recommend to look into this. 

So stay well this winter and remember: Think Health! It's your first step to stay well. 


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