When I go into the woods

love presence May 08, 2017

I’ve just been walking in the woods. Trees and forests are my natural places where I connect most easily with nature and with my soul. I believe everybody has a place where they can connect best. For some it may be an open field, the mountains or a lake, for others it may be the ocean or perhaps a sanctuary in their home.


Whatever that place is, it’s where we can find instant peace in times of inner trouble. What do I mean by ‘inner trouble’? I guess what I’m talking about here is a sense of being lost, a sadness perhaps or a feeling of overwhelm or restlessness. Any inner experience that prevents us from feeling content, calm and happy.


I have suffered from inner trouble for many years and for nearly as many years I’ve considered this a state of being that I actively had to fight or ‘do something’ about. Usually an inner dialogue would ensue around questions like ‘what is this about?’, ‘why am I upset?’, ‘what am I doing wrong?’, ‘why can’t I just be happy?’.


But in the last few years I have discovered that these questions are really beside the point, if there even is a point. I discovered that this feeling of emptiness and sadness is actually a disconnect from my soul or high self, or source, or whatever you want to call it. It is when my identity takes over and impresses expectations on myself. It is when I am two or more parts, instead of the whole that is connected to all the other wholeness in the universe.

That’s when I go into the woods. I breathe in the fresh air. I listen to the sounds of the forest. Today I noticed the intense humming of bees in the canopy of my favourite Chestnut Tree. I heard the rushing of wind among the Ashes and Oaks. I experienced the silence in the darkness beneath the Western Red Cedars. And I heard the joyful chatter of the birds, busily going about their day… always the sound of birds.


When I come home I feel whole again. I feel connected, at ease, centered within myself and somewhat renewed and with a smile that fills my being.


Sometimes when out in the woods I even imagine myself as a tree. My roots reaching deep into the soil, spreading wide and far and anchoring me to the energy of the earth and entwining with the roots of other trees. My solid trunk rising strong with confidence and love. My branches reaching up into the heavens and giving shelter, nourishment and love to birds, bats, squirrels, mice and a multitude of insects. Suddenly I feel no longer alone. I feel enough just because I am. I feel alive. My thoughts, feelings and physical experience is one of being connected to all life and I know that all is well and all is as it should be.


What is your place of sanctuary where you can reconnect?



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