Hi, I am Gabriela Lerner and I am an independent Ringana Partner. Ringana enables me to do what I care most about. I love the fresh, toxin free & vegan products and use them every day. If you want to know more, send me a message and we can have a chat. Or read on below why I recommend and promote Ringana products for your inner and outer wellness.  

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At Ringana we do things differently. Our 100% philosophy consists of 4 pillars that apply to our products, as well as to the way we do business:

  • 100% FRESH
  • 100% ETHICAL

Watch the video below... or request a call to find out more how the Ringana business can enhance your life.


RINGANA business


100% FRESH cosmetics

Our face and body care products are all uni-sex. We like keeping it simple. No advertising hype, just effective ingredients that work. 

NATURAL drinks

Raw processed and without preservatives, our drink concentrates are rich in nutrients and enzymes. Choose from energising, relaxing or detoxing.

EFFECTIVE supplements

Your body deserves the best. Ringana supplements are perfectly coordinated bioactive combinations of nutrients in highly concentrated form. 

Ready for a new adventure?

Are you open to explore a new business idea? Would you like to earn some extra income? Do you like people, making connections, and building relationships? I would love to speak with.


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