Onggi Korean Fermentation Pot

Experience the health benefits of probiotics with eliefs Onggi. Based on the culmination of several thousand years of experience in fermentation, eliefs Onggi is perfectly designed to create the delicately balanced micro-climate required for the fermentation.

Many studies have shown that Onggi is far superior to conventional ceramic crock, glassware or plastic containers in the creation of probiotics.

The process is enhanced from one fermentation to the next thanks to the micro-porous structure that further retains enzymes, bacteria or yeast from previous fermentation.

Breathing, Natural glazing, Hand finished
While eliefs Onggi is fully watertight, its micro-porous structure allows for a balanced exchange of gases created during the fermentation process. A traditional combination of its natural materials and the precision firing techniques are key to creating this micro-porous structure.

Natural glazing. Hand-finished. Environmentally friendly
eliefs Onggi is made from a perfect combination of natural clay and sand combined with a special water-based glaze that consists solely of wood ash and clay. 100% biodegradable and free of heavy metals. It possesses the simplicity of nature and goes back to earth as soil - in balance with our environment.

Versatile and Durable
Treat your Onggi well. It will be your life-long companion!  Eliefs Onggi can be also used as tableware as well as storage container for fermented foodstuffs, seasonings and vegetables. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. 


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