Food Heroes Raw Food Recipe Book

by Gabriela Lerner

Plant foods in their natural state are the real Food Heroes. To live a radiant, raw food life requires eating the whole spectrum of vegetables, fruit, greens, nuts, seeds, seaweeds, herbs etc. It's what we call 'eating the rainbow'.

In her book Food Heroes, Gabriela share 77 of her most delicious raw food recipes, as well as detailed nutritional information on her favourite Food Heroes. 

Food Heroes offers a range of beautiful, nutrient dense recipes that are easy to make, From smoothies and breakfasts to lunches, dinners, snacks and sweets. This book will give your raw food kitchen repertoire a good start. With extensive nutritional information on plant foods.

Food Heroes is a colourful, spiral bound paperback, making it really easy to use ever day in your kitchen. Each recipe has a notes section so you can keep track of your own recipe variations. 

This book is currently being printed and shipping will commence after 6 August

About the Author
Gabriela is a raw vegan consciousness coach. Her unique approach was developed through her own experience of the high vibrational energy of raw food, which took her on a journey of personal and spiritual discovery that goes far beyond diet into a life that is consciously motivated by the Law of Attraction and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life. She is a certified Raw Nutrition Coach and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, with a background in personal development & couples consulting. 

Gabriela has healed herself from Fibromyalgia and supported her husband through a major health crisis. She teaches a holistic, conscious lifestyle through courses, writing and public speaking. Gabriela strongly believes that we are at the cusp of the next evolutionary stage for the human species and it is our individual choices that will make this an evolution for the greater good of all concerned.

Book reviews given on Amazon:

"I have 2 copies of this book so I am never without it. I have also been on a raw food retreat with Gabriella in Portugal. She is a brilliant cook and excellent at teaching with humour and passion. Her recipes work and you will use them frequently. If you are new to raw food buy this book for her chocolate cake and Lime Pie. Start with these and it will change the way you think about raw food. Gabriella knows about balancing flavours and textures a skill that some raw food teachers lack and as a result produce healthy but bland food. It may not be the glossiest, prettiest book out there on raw food and Gabriella is not a 20 something doe eyed novice - I've tried those books and they are fine but not convincing. Gabriela lives and breathes raw food. Her story of what brought her to this lifestyle is compelling and she lives it with an incredible energy and passion to change how we eat and live on this planet. Buy the book then try a retreat." Julie Ritter

"These recipes are some of the most delicious I have ever tried. Step by step instructions make it easy to recreate the chef's recipes even if I can't recreate the lovely presentation just yet. She really explains the nutritional reasons for the ingredients and gives substitutes for some less common ones. The notes section in my copy is filled with hints and tips I've found that I like. I'm eagerly awaiting the follow up book." Amazon Customer

"I love this recipe book. The dishes are delicious, recipes are sy to follow and it's so tasty it's hard to believe how healthy these foods are.
I've made many of the recipes and served them to friends who rave about how delicious they are." Sharon Battaglia



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