Discover Wellness Day

Discover Wellness Days bring together different health practitioners to create an experience for you that will inspire you to live your life infused with more health, happiness and joy.

The next Discover Wellness Day will be held on Saturday 16 February 2019

How would you like to wake up with enthusiasm every morning?

  • How would you like to maintain your energy levels throughout the day?
  • Do you wish you knew what foods and lifestyle choices will give you more energy, health and joy for life?
  • Are you ready to transform your health and vitality so you can do the things you love and enjoy?

Join us for this unique opportunity to spend a day fully immersed in all things healthy. It is your chance to treat yourself. The goal of this wellness day is simple -- To learn how to listen to your body and reclaim your energy. You will leave with practical ways that will help you with more energy and healthy living. Make time in your diary today and be prepared to leave looking and feeling like a different person.

We bring together experienced wellness practitioners, for a day of nourishing organic food, healing juices, magnetic massage, and profoundly practical self-care rituals.

What you will learn:

  • How your raw food and lifestyle choices affect your energy levels and overall wellbeing.
  • How you can choose and prepare the right foods, so you have all the energy and vitality to enjoy life and do the things you want to do.
  • Discover the power of healing juices that you will absolutely love and transform your life.
  • How magnets can help you feel more energised, sleep better, relieve pain and inflammation and much more.
  • Practical self-care rituals and mini meditations that you can incorporate into your life immediately,
  • Learn about healing water and keeping your home environment clear of toxins and
  • Much, much more...

Meet our practitioners:

  Gabriela Lerner

is a raw food & consciousness health coach. She is your host for the day and will introduce you to the power of delicious raw food. You will learn how our mindset influences every cell in your body and how you can start to focus on creating health instead of fighting disease or ageing. Gabriela will also introduce you to a new fresh skin-care range and how to use wholefood supplements so your busy life can still be healthy.

  Claire Bushell

is a trained hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner. She runs a busy Wellbeing Centre in Newbury and is passionate about working with energy. Claire will introduce you to the amazing power of magnet therapy. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a 15 minute massage with her and learn how you can use this technology at home. Magnetic Equalising Technology is a principle based on the fact that human contact with Earth’s magnetic field has been disrupted and attenuated by the artifacts of modern civilisation. This technology seeks to counterbalance that effect, and produce an environment that more closely corresponds to the natural magnetic field that has surrounded humans for millennia. Try the effect out for yourself!

What’s available on the day:

Magnetic Massage
Discover how magnetics can help you feel more energised, sleep better, relieve pain and inflammation and much more. The Magnetic Massage makes use of advanced therapeutic magnetic array technology with a gentle yet deep-acting massage tool to work over your clothing up and down your back. Seated comfortably on a forward-leaning massage chair, you’ll be able to relax completely and enjoy the experience. With Claire Bushell


Lunch-time talk
Learn how our thoughts affect our cells and can have an impact on how our genes express themselves. Drawing on the Law of Attracting and epigenetic research, you will learn an easy technique to shift your focus from fighting disease or fear of ageing to one of creating lasting and sustainable health. With Gabriela Lerner

Infra-Red Sauna
Only 15 minutes in an infra-red sauna can help you to detox better, easy pains and aches, improves your sleep. Infra-red radiation has also been shown to improve the immune system, help with weight loss, improve circulation, and give you a glowing skin tone.

Clean, magnetised and energised water
Nikken energised water will be available to drink throughout the day. Find out why this water is more absorbable than ordinary tap or bottled water and how it can benefit your health.

Spend time with like-minded people in a healthy environment
Just spending time with others who are looking for a similar lifestyle is encouraging and inspiring. You are not alone! Gabriela’s home is an expression of her own way of living healthily every day and she invites you to enjoy her house and garden during the day.

Wholefoods Supplements
Magnetic tools for home use
Fresh & ethical skin care

Cost per person: £85 Early bird by 31 December £75 (use code EARLYDISCOVER)
Bring a friend and save £5 each!


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