One-Day Retreat – Creating Abundance

Our one-day events bring you a combination of delicious raw food, inspirational and informative talks and activities to support you in living a healthy, free and abundant life.

The next date is 13 July 2019 9am-5pm and the topic is "Creating Abundance".

We often find ourselves trapped in a mindset of lack and fear. Independent on how much money is in the bank, we feel that our natural flow of abundance is blocked and we long for 'something more'. What if you could learn some simple thought-pattern changes to invite prosperity into your life and no longer feel limited by your worries.

On this day we will explore the ideas of abundance and prosperity. What it means to us, how we think about it, and how we can optimise our thinking to bring abundance and prosperity into our lives. 

The day includes:

  • Talk and workshop on the topic of Abundance & Prosperity. 
  • Kundalini Yoga Kriyas opening us to Abundance & Prosperity.
  • An abundance of delicious and nutritious raw food
  • Meditation
  • Infra-red Sauna and mini-facial (optional)
  • Time to meet like-minded people and make new friends

The day takes place at the Coppice Retreat in North Dorset on the edge of ancient woodland. The event is limited to 10 participants. 

Please contact us if you require accommodation the night before or after the event. 



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