Raw Love Awakening One Day Retreat

Do you yearn to spend quality time with your raw food journey, your emerging or already strong connection to your soul, and to meet and enjoy the company of kindred spirits - but haven’t yet found "your tribe"?

If you’re eating a significant amount of raw food, i.e. 50% or more, you will already know how powerfully energising this way of eating is for the body, mind and spirit. Chances are you’re just as hungry for a deeper understanding and experience of this, as you are for the actual (delicious) food that supports and awakens this.

The Raw Love Awakening One-Day Retreat is your opportunity to spend a day fully immersed in the energy of all things raw, spiritual, conscious and progressive. You will not only immerse yourself in all the wonderfulness that this can bring, but you’ll also walk away with a brand new template for living, personalised just for you.

The truth is, raw food is so powerful and all-pervasive that it can provide the purest of foundations for a lifestyle that is empowering, respectful to nature and all living beings, and in tune with your truest self. This is at the heart of all my work and the Raw Love Awakening Retreats give you the perfect opportunity to feel and explore this beautifully for yourself in a harmonised group situation.

Come and join us for a day and be prepared to leave looking and feeling like a different person, knowing that there is a whole new way of living and being in the world easily and readily available to you.

During the day, you will experience

  • The beauty of starting your day with freshly pressed green juice.
  • A raw rainbow brunch outdoors or in the conservatory (weather depending), time to reflect and connect with nature and yourself.
  • An initiation into the 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening and how to apply them in your life.
  • An easy to learn 20-minute movement routine that awakens the chakras so the 6 Prayers can manifest inwardly and outwardly.
  • A meditation to heighten your awareness of the 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening.
  • The opportunity to ask questions and be coached on how to upgrade your whole life towards one of health, joy and love.
  • A chance to rest, reflect and enjoy a walk in beautiful and peaceful natural surroundings.
  • An opportunity for a taster session in our Infra-Red Sauna, a highly effective way to detox, heal on a cellular level and relax body and mind.
  • A three-course raw, farewell  dinner to share with other like-minded people, making new friends
  • A maximum of 10 participants, giving you plenty of opportunity for personal attention

What’s included?

  • A full day of inspiration, learning, guidance, fun and relaxation from 9.30am to 7pm at Gabriela and Neil’s home in the North Dorset Countryside. 
  • Freshly prepared, delicious raw food from early morning green juice, through breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, including one of Gabriela's deliciously lush, yet low sugar raw cakes.
  • One meditation and one movement session with Gabriela.
  • Free use of our Far & Near Infra-Red Sauna.
  • A goody bag including raw food treats and gifts to support your raw food journey.

The day starts at 9.30am (doors open at 9.15am) and finishes at 7pm.

About the venue and how to get there

The retreat will be held at Gabriela and her husband Neil’s home The Coppice, just 1.5 miles east of Shaftesbury on the edge of ancient Dorset woodland. The Coppice is a consciously designed eco-home with many environmentally friend features and a acre wildlife garden on a south-facing slope. The expansive dining/living room and the double story conservatory allow for an inspired connection with nature in any weather.

Shaftesbury is a treat to visit with the famous Gold Hill (featured in the classic Ridley Scott advert for Hovis Bread), Park Walk with the Abbey Ruins dating back to King Alfred, and a sweet little town centre with cafés, pubs and independent shops.

On booking you will receive full directions on how to get to The Coppice by car. The nearest train station is Gillingham from where a taxi to The Coppice costs approximately £20. The journey from London to Gillingham is 1hr 45mins to 2 hrs depending on the train you choose.

If you require accommodation you may be able to book yourself into one of our on site properties or at one of the nearby B&Bs (use google and search for B&B Shaftesbury, Dorset or Donhead St Mary, Dorset)

The Schedule

Arrival & Welcome Green Juice

9:45am – 10:45am
Welcome session, getting to know each other. Gabriela and Neil will share their story of their personal transformation through raw food and Raw Love Awakening. Overview of the day.

11:00am – 12.00pm
Raw Rainbow Live Brunch Buffet – a delightful spread of sweet and savoury dishes.

12.15pm – 1:15pm
Introduction to the 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening and how they apply to your life. Question and answer session.

Movement session based on easy yoga moves – suitable for all levels.

2:15pm – 3:00pm
Meditation – introduction to different forms of meditation, followed by a meditation session to deepen your connection with the 6 Prayers.

Break and opportunity to go for a walk, chat with other group members, have a taster session in our Infrared Sauna or find a quiet spot for reflection. This will be followed by a mouthwatering raw cake and a choice of beautiful organic herbal and green teas.

Coaching questions for each of the 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening

Closing session

Short break

Three-course raw food meal


By the end of our day together you will: 

  • Know what the 6 Prayers of Raw Love Awakening are and how they can enrich your personal life deeply and profoundly on a holistic, as well as practical daily basis.
  • Learn about the health benefits of raw, plant-based food and how this type of food raises our energetic vibration, and why that is a good thing.
  • Learn simple tools and strategies you can implement as soon as you return home to improve your health and life experience.
  • Understand the importance of food, movement and meditation as a powerful triad that can create a conscious, awakened lifestyle filled with love, health and abundance.
  • Have tasted and enjoyed some amazingly delicious and beautiful raw food meals, snacks and drinks, and felt their energising, uplifting and mind-expanding power. 
  • Be inspired and clear on how to make some lasting changes to your habits that will move you forward powerfully in your personal and spiritual journey.
  • Feel invigorated, nurtured and truly excited about what lies ahead, knowing what is now available to you.



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