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balance health love presence Jun 12, 2019

Yesterday I spent a day in bed. This happens once in a while, and given that it used to happen frequently, even daily, before I started my raw food journey, it’s shouldn’t be a big deal at all.

However, the mind still struggles against it. So when I woke up in the morning feeling pain all over my body and completely drained of all energy, feeling like I’m not able to get myself out of bed, my thoughts were not particularly loving. I won’t even repeat them here.

I momentarily felt like a failure. Am I not the woman who has unlimited energy and can get herself always into a mindset of happiness, joy and ease? Obviously not.

So I surrendered, hesitantly at first, but more and more as the day went on, whilst I discovered that I couldn’t even do those things I thought I would be able to carry out from bed.

You see, you have to understand that I am a doer. If I don’t do, my ego thinks it has failed. It rubs its grubby hands, puts on a sneering smile and...

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Creating Health - a fundamental shift in consciousness

freedom health presence Mar 30, 2019

Creating Health

Most people consider their health only when they do not have it. Often, as in my own case, we don’t think that much about it until a crisis hits or we feel so unwell that we know something has to be done. There is one other ‘unhealthy’ trigger for starting to think about our health, and that is our fear of losing it. We are daily bombarded with scary facts about the toxicity of our environment, our oceans, air, and food. Toxins are everywhere and many of them are said to cause us cancer. Members of our circle of friends or family may get sick with cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc. and evidence suggests that many babies are now born with over 200 different chemical compounds in their umbilical blood. It is scary, and the fear often drives people to extreme measures.

When our awareness of ‘health’ is motivated by our fear, however, the coping strategy is to avoid or try to get rid of whatever is frightening us. We also start to fight...

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A day of light raw eating

food health Jan 26, 2019

As someone who eats raw food most of the time, I rarely feel the need to detox or cleanse. However, over the winter months we tend to consume more cooked vegan foods and I while we have visitors staying with us, I may eat foods that don't usually find their way onto my plate. 

So I like to plan in a light-eating day once in a while. And today I'd like to share with you a sample of my menu:

The first thing I do in the morning when I get up is some oil pulling. You may have heard of this Aryuvedic oral hygiene procedure, and I do it with the Ringana Tooth Oil – it's pleasant tasting, and because of the herbal extracts used in a base of organic sesame oil, you don't actually need to use a lot of oil, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon is enough.

I pull the oil while I make our first drink of the day:
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon ginger powder (or a few slices of fresh ginger)
1/8 teaspoon cayenne peppper (optional)
put in a large cup with filled 1/4 with cold water, then top up with...

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A week in the Algarve can change your life

freedom health love presence Dec 06, 2018

In October 2018 eleven women met in a beautiful little retreat centre in the Western Algarve for seven days of….

… well, as much as I try, I cannot put it in a nut shell. The week was unique , very special and truly transformational. Each woman left with a sense of having uncovered something deep inside her, something that will never be pushed down again.

There was such wonderful synergy created through the raw food, Kundalini Yoga and the Six Prayers of Raw Love Awakening, which we worked with every day. Friendships for life were created, commitments made and lives changed.

The Natural Retreat where we so comfortably stayed for the 7 nights greeted us with love on our arrival and then continued to resonate the love we brought to it daily. The surrounding, gentle countryside of the Wester Algarve, despite the mixed weather, further added to the deep and transformational experience every single woman experienced at this retreat.

For me it was all I...

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5 Reasons to take yourself on retreat

freedom health love presence Aug 30, 2018

Once in a while we all need to take ourselves away from our daily life. Holiday’s are great, but they very rarely support our health in the way we may want to. The food isn’t right, and you eat too much of it. You easily slip into drinking more alcohol and eating more ice cream than you know is good for you. You are on holiday after all and you want to make the most of it. Perhaps you will also lie a bit too long in the sun, causing you sun burn and pre-mature ageing of the skin. There is also so much to see and do when going to new places that the days are often filled with tiring activities, leaving you excited but exhausted at the end of the day. When you get home, you immediately slip back into your old habits and life patterns… until the next holiday.

It’s fun and they do say that a change is as good as a break, but once in a while you’ll need something else. A complete removal from what you normally do.

So here are 5 reasons why you should take...

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Cardamom – the Love Spice

food health love Jan 30, 2017

Apparently cardamom is an aphrodisiac and frankly, it doesn't surprise me, similar to cinnamon and related to ginger and turmeric, it has many health benefits but it also adds a certain zing to dishes, particularly when combined with something sweet and zesty. I feel cardamom really opens my heart and my mind... a bit like switching the light on. 


Health benefits include lowering cholesterol, reducing bowel inflammation, treating urinary disorders and has even been known to counteract bowel cancer. But it's also believed to contain anti-depressant properties. If it can make us feel good, it inevitably will also make us happier.


In this blog post I'm sharing two recipes using cardamom, but feel free to just sprinkle a little on your next breakfast, into a banana smoothie or stir it into your curry. 


People often ask me how I use cardamom. In the past when I used to cook food, I would just remove some seeds from a pod and cook it with the other...

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My favourite new way of fermenting

food health Oct 10, 2016

I'm sure you've heard me go on about my Onggi. How could you not... I tell everybody about this beautiful, hand-crafted fermenting pot from Korea.

You can buy Onggi in the UK here >>>

When Yoonseon of Elief first invited me to try out the Onggi, I was a little sceptical to say the least. Why would I want anything else to ferment in, than my Kilner jars? But Yoonseon suggested I give it a try and I was quite curious. 


I loved the idea of a pot that was water tight but breathing. That was hand-made of biodegradable materials based on a tradition that is several thousand years old. Onggi's are especially designed to create the balanced micro-climate required to optimum fermentation. On top of that the fermentation gets better and better with every fermentation process. Basically the micro-porous structure of the Onggiretains the enzymes, bacteria or yeast from previous fermentations. It's a bit like inoculating your compost bin...

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1-Day Easy Cleanse

food health Jun 01, 2016

You have most likely heard, read or even done a juice fast. It's a great way to detox, lose weight quickly and give the digestive system a break. 3 to 7 days of just juice a couple of times a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn, is often recommended as a regular cleansing detox. 


Some people go for up to 21 days of juicing and if you are healing from a serious health condition you may have considered juicing even longer. Watch my video for a short explanation of the difference between juices and smoothies. 


For me and my husband, juicing is now a daily part of our lives. A large green juice is our first meal of the day, supplying our bodies with rapid, easily absorbable nutrition, giving us already a minimum of five portions of veg and fruit early in the morning.


Now, if you are on a standard diet, including grains and animal proteins, then juicing will most likely throw you into quite a bit of a detoxification. So...

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Eating the rainbow!

food health Apr 24, 2016

Eating the colours of the rainbow makes me feel alive. It's not just that a colourful plate of vegetables pleases my eyes and makes my mouth water (an important prerequisite to creating valuable enzymes when producing saliva, to help digest food further down). By eating the colours of the rainbow I nourish my body with essential macro, micro and phytonutrients.


Phytonutrients were only discovered fairly recently, and more and more are being discovered as I write. Scientists now agree that while phytonutrients alone don't keep us alive, they help us to thrive and may play a significant role in protecting us from disease and making our bodies function optimally.


Phytonutrients help us to stay healthy, young and vibrant well into our later stages of life.

If you haven't heard of phytonutrients, you will have heard of antioxidants. Most people now understand that they are important for healthy cells and reducing the risk of cancer, heart...

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Medicinal Mushrooms for Super Immunity

food health Jan 17, 2016

Medicinal Mushrooms for Super Immunity
January 17, 2016
Gabriela Lerner
Have you tried using medicinal mushrooms yet? These include chaga, reishi, cordyceps and agarics blaze, with the main benefits being to increase immune function, help to fight viruses and infections and even combat cancer growth.


Medicinal mushrooms grow on trees, in fact they have a symbiotic relationship with the tree and are deeply connected with the earth’s energies. They often take a long time to grow, so it’s important to buy medicinal mushrooms from reliable, sustainable sources. As medicinal mushrooms become more popular, the demand increases and often leads to unsustainable harvesting practices that destroy eco systems. See below for good sources to buy your mushrooms.


My two favourite mushrooms are chaga and reishi because they are versatile and can be brewed into a tea, used in vegan hot chocolate drinks, can be turned into tinctures or powders to use in a...

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