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About me

It's never too late to follow your dream


You may call me a serial entrepreneur. In the last 38 years I have worked as a graphic designer, a waitress, a typist, a kitchen designer, a personal development coach, in team building, as a health & nutrition coach, a director of various companies, and, oh, I've probably missed a few. 

I launched several business, including an import and distribution business and a wellness retreat business. How did I end up with my current company?

Well, as a health and nutrition coach I understand how important it is to reduce toxins in and on our bodies as much as possible. I was always looking for products I could honestly recommend to my clients, products I would feel good about using myself . But nothings was quite right. There was always something missing. 

Then I came across my current company and I instantly loved it. The whole philosophy aligned with my personal values: Fresh, Natural, Ethical, Sustainable. 


So at the age of 59 I started yet another business. And I haven't looked backed. I wanted to create a better income for myself and I wanted to be able to have fun with my husband, our daughters and my mum, like taking them on holiday to the Caribbean. 


This year (2021) I'm going to be 64 years young. I currently lead a very successful team of partners Europe wide and my particular focus is on growing the business in the UK and Portugal. Thanks to the training and mentoring that was available to me, I not only developed myself but also learned the real secrets of successful and authentically recommending the products I love. I enjoy my life and I bring wellness and sustainability into people's homes. What's not to love! You can do it too.

Get in touch. Whether you are thinking of a new career, could do with some extra income, or simply want to create more green peace in your bathroom with healthy products, let's talk. No obligation, just a short chat to determine whether our products or business is for you.

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