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Star Formation

Miracles Every Day

Miracles Every Day with Gabriela Lerner

"Nothing real can be threatened
Nothing unreal exists

© ACIM Foundation for Inner Peace

365 daily lessons - weekly reading & discussion – Starting 1 January 2023

Why Miracles Every Day?

There are so many 'spiritual' online programmes out there? Why another one? 

A Course In Miracles (short: ACIM) is simple and in principle a self-study course. You can just buy the book and get started on your own. However, my experience shows that many people find it hard to do the course on their own. The small 'bible' like print, the Shakespearian style language and the pure length of the course book makes many students give up before they get to the depth of the material. 

Miracles Every Day is designed to make the process easy and accessible. The daily voice recordings can be listened to while your do household chores, go for a walk or while you drift off to sleep. The weekly sessions in a small group setting, no longer than one hour, allow for exchange of experience, questions and reading together, all of which greatly helps the absorption of the teachings.

Ultimately ACIM is not something to understand intellectually but to experience and discover through an inner knowing. 

All materials from A Course In Miracles published by The Foundation of Inner Peace are being used with the permission of the Foundation.

A Course In Miracles does not explain the meaning of love, because this is beyond understanding, but it helps in removing the blocks to the awareness of love's presence.


A Course In Miracles is a way of retraining the mind to experience inner peace. It is structured in a several parts including a workbook for students with 365 daily lessons. 

Practicing the lessons together in a study group can be helpful and fun, and brings together like-minded people in love.


About Gabriela

Gabriela is an experienced coach and mentor. She is a dedicated student of A Course In Miracles since 2017. The teachings are her daily practice. As a co-student she will facilitate the group and offer her assistance, support and experience to the participants.


She will be holding a safe space which allows for each participant to grow and blossom in their own way and learn to create their own path to the truth of who they are.

IMG_5478 copy.jpg

Miracles Every Day with Gabriela provides a structured learning environment that is designed to make the materials of A Course In Miracles more easily accessible. You will learn how to apply the lessons to your live and live your life from a place of love.


The programme runs for an entire year with the daily lessons (delivered as audio recordings) and readings from the course book to Telegram (a free messenger app). And weekly study groups on zoom.

Whats included

Miracles Every Day with Gabriela gives your the following for a whole year:


  • Private access to the Miracles Every Day Telegram group.

  • Secret access to the Miracles Every Day chat group on Telegram

  • 365 daily lessons from A Course In Miracles Workbook for Students. These lessons will be delivered to you every day at 1am to the Telegram group as a voice recording.

  • Each lesson contains meditation music the exact time of reflection recommended in the workbook.

  • Daily readings from the A Course In Miracles Course Book delivered as voice recordings to the Telegram group.

  • Weekly Study Groups on zoom. These will be held on Mondays at 4.30pm GMT (or GMT+1 during summer savings time).

365 daily lessons - weekly reading & discussion – Starting 1 January 2023

What participants say about the programme

Sharon Battaglia

I was invited several times over the years to participate in other ACIM groups, I did not feel called.

When Gabriela invited me I said yes because I was at an all time low in my life and because of what I experienced in her. So, what is my life like now. A full heart, peace, joy and love available everyday. No more depression, only love and joy and if it’s not present I know how to access those wonderful feelings.

Above all I have a profound connection to God and Holy Spirit. I’m no longer looking to the world to fulfill me. I invite you to join us, we are a loving and supportive group.

Ruth Cooper

It has been the most amazing, challenging and inspirational time for me. Gabriela has listened, supported and guided us through the twists and turns as the course unfolded. It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of this wonderful group of women...we have laughed, cried, read, tussled with language and nuance, listened, disagreed and as they say in Yorkshire, I have certainly put in my four penneth! 


Gabriela has become my friend...she never dominates or sets herself apart as a facilitator, because the course is a discovery of self and the selves of all within the group. It has become such a safe space, where we can all be exactly who we are.

Karen Ashdown

Everyday Miracles is an exploration of my feelings and attitudes towards myself and others.

Gabriela leads the way like only she can, encouraging us to explore the meaning of the book's philosophy through group discussion and personal inquiry.

The connections made with fellow 'students' have grown deeply over this last year and my "Book Club" virtual meetings are a highlight of my week. I truly have opened my eyes to seeing the world in a different light and thank Gabriela for facilitating the journey. Highly recommended!

Miracles Every Day 

365 daily lessons - weekly reading & discussion – Starting 1 January 2023
The monthly subscription fee is £11.50 per months. Sign up by 20 December  2022 for early bird rate of £9.50 per month.


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