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Is your current state of wellness holding you back from living the life you want to live?

By summer 2011, I had been suffering with Fibromyalgia, IBS and Hypoglycaemia for 18 years. That year my husband was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. For us it was a turning point that took us on the most amazing journey of our life –  a journey not just of healing, but also to a new level of health and vitality.


If you too have reached a point where your physical health or emotional wellbeing is impacting your joy and ability to live the life you want, then I can help you. Read on to find out how I can assist you in your journey back to health, happiness and wholeness.

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"Loved every minute of this amazing retreat. The beautiful combination of Gabriela's teaching both nutritionally and spiritually with the energising yoga and the delicious raw vegan food, make this an experience that will stay with me for a long time. I came home relaxed, regenerated and inspired."

Karin Ridgers

"The 6-months one on one program has truly been a life changing experience. Gabriela has helped me come to terms with and take responsibility for my health, I have been able to safely explore my blocks and limiting beliefs and release them, as well as changing my diet to promote health rather than disease. I would not have made such big changes without Gabriela's help, knowledge, support and love."


"'This came just at the right time. I had made a commitment to wellness but felt alone and often dragged down by all the negativity surrounding me. I needed something to help me get back on track with my food and my joy. Gabriela's program helped me to get that and more. She has taught me simple steps that I can do everyday to stay aligned with my goals."


"Gabriela Raw Food Awakening 1-Day Retreat was an awakening not just to the delights of raw food but to the importance and appreciation of good health. I loved the emphasis on what is good for our health is also good for that of others and also the planet. I felt truly refreshed after a day of shared thoughts and food, meditation and movement and have identified the areas that I'd like to develop - mindfulness and spirituality. The glorious setting of Gabriela's home surrounded by the greenery of trees was both calming and grounding."

Janine Nelson

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If you find yourself at a turning point in your life where you truly want to make a commitment to your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing, that of other sentient beings and ultimately of the planet, you have come to the right place. Join our free FB group.


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